The Furniture Factory Kamea has started the 3cad Evolution project

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Kamea is a Russian furniture factory in the Siberian Region, which is leader in custom-made furniture manufacturing, a combination of technology, design and materials. The Factory’s own production units, individual approach to orders and modern technologies allow to realize any idea. The designer furniture of the manufacturer from Novosibirsk are a variant of interior decoration that does not accept compromises and combines style and elegance, beauty of forms and depth of content.

3cad Evolution can perfectly respond to the needs of the manufacturer of custom-made furniture. The producer can in fact manage independently his own product catalog, by creating his own graphical rules and configuration rules, managing even the most complicated personalizations required by the end customer.

3cad evolution will enable the retailer network to make quick and customized offers, having available right away a quote that takes everything into account, including the price increases for any bespoke piece.

From the graphic order all the interface information required by the NC machine are generated. Both standard and non standard elements are processed in the same way.

From order to production with a single software.