Verona Mobili introduces 3cad Evolution

By 5 March 2015 February 25th, 2019 No Comments

Verona Mobili is a historic manufacturer of kitchens based in Moscow and Kaliningrad. It offers its customers perfectly designed furniture, production according to European quality standards, original accessories, elegant design and customised solutions.

3cad Evolution is the integrated software system ideal for the company Verona Mobili. The widespread network of dealers, thanks to 3cad Cloud, will be able to configure the compositions and let the customer know in advance how the furniture will appear, how it will be assemblied in the apartment and what will be the end result. In addition, the dealer will calculate the estimates and send orders with a single click.

The online product catalog is always updated and available for retailers. Prices and items are managed directly from the manufacturer. The order will arrive in the company, it will be checked and processed automatically for sending to production.

3cad Evolution guarantees the manufacturer speed and precision in the management of the process from the order to the factory, up to the delivery to the end customer.