Our legacy

The acronym Innova stands for Innovazione Aziendale (Business Innovation), which summaries the “Mission” of our company, set up in 1993. At the beginning the company focused on Specialized Consulting in the field of wood and furniture. Over the years the evolution of consulting projects has led the company to the international markets of Eastern Europe and to the creation of specific business areas, in order to satisfy all client’s requirements: Design/Management Software’s and Studio Design.

Our Mission

Today InnovaItalia has consolidated its sector know-how, offering the furniture industry a well-structured and integrated set of services. InnovaItalia can count on its strategic position in one of the most important Italian districts of furniture and furnishings. Innova head office is situated in central Italy in Pesaro and it is supported by an operating office in Moscow, Russia.

New Digital Unit

From 2018 INNOVAITALIA launches the New Digital Unit with the aim to cover all the aspects of the Digital Environment, using the large experience and background of the Company, connected to the new technique from the digital industry, supporting B2B2C business in the digital transformation approach.

01. Vision, mission and value

Innovation is the process of applying a new idea to create a new process or product, acquire a new market and give prosperity to the company. It is a broader concept of creativity: it is genius and regulation.
InnovaItalia shares the experience of growth, through the unity of values ​​and the creation of synergies, because it strongly believes that the levers of competitive potential go through collaboration and innovation.

02. Skills

Innova employs a team of highly qualified professionals, able to understand and satisfy customer needs. Substantial is to master the factory know-how to suggest efficient solutions within the management and production processes. Without competence there is no good company analysis, without a good analysis it is impossible to do business improvement projects.