The power of the web at the service of the 3D graphic configuration

Web 3D display

3cad next is built on the potential of html5, its graphical engine is one of the most advanced online three-dimensional visualization tools in the world at the moment.

Customizable interface

3cad next comes with a standard interface. However, it is possible for the company to modify the Graphic User Interface according to its specific functional and corporate identity needs

Business tools integration

3cad next allows the rapid construction of effective interfaces with other third-party tools, both web and desktop. In particular, the interface with the ERP becomes easy and functional in the creation of a data flow without manual intervention.

Only one database

The only database for the management of configuration rules, prices, variants and finishes. This offers a great organizational advantage both in terms of maintenance times and in clarity of the data that are all in the same “container” and can be shared with different applications.

Cross platform

3cad next does not require installation on the user’s computer. The technology on which it is developed makes it compatible with all existing browsers, exploiting its full potential. 3cad next can be opened on all fixed, portable and mobile devices, iPhone, iPad, android etc. The user will be faced with a completely web tools.

Management of order status

With 3cad next all the phases of the order are recorded and monitored:
inserting the design, budgeting, offer, confirm order and production.


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