3D graphic software to sell your products

Keep in touch with your resellers

3cad lite is a web solution that keeps you in touch with your resellers in a simple and effective way, improving the sales experience for all

Exploit the power of the web

the potential of the web, creating content that travel with the Internet and ensures consistency with the rules of management of commercial configuration, bill of materials and cam works

Online catalogue

As a producer, provide the network with an effective, easy-to-use and appealing tool. Using a powerful control panel, manage your resellers, users and functionality, offering a tool that allows you to design and improve the sales experience!

Technology for your sales network

3cad lite is built upon more than 10 years of experience in production management with an ever expanding series of concepts specifically dedicated to the sales network. Following sales trends and industry innovations has never been easier

Easy to use

3cad Lite provide an innovative and intuitive tool to your partners. Receive orders directly through the same system that you in your company. Reduce order production times and avoid human errors

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