MDS “MARKETING DECISION SUPPORT”, the dashboard for your business management, integrated with 3cad, has just been created

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InnovaItalia is pleased to present MDS (MARKETING DECISION SUPPORT), a tool designed and developed to measure different TYPOLOGIES OF THE COMPANY SALES in real time and analyze ORDERS and QUOTES processed by 3CAD.

MDS can measure DEALERS’ efficiency and the activities of the sales NETWORK.

This is an online tool that, thanks to simple and intuitive functions, can extract and process static data about orders and quotes.
They can be viewed and read on-line from many different tools (smartphones, tablets, …).

This is a Modular tool, which allows you to interpret the data according to the different functions of the company hierarchy:
–    MDS Basic, the module for the analysis of sales by period/ article typology /  finishing /area / Dealer
–    MDS Advanced, the module for the analysis of sales margins
–    MDS Shop, the module for the analysis of the Point of Sales activities: visits /customer status / Assemblers’ Planning / budgeting