It is easy to create and sell: kitchens «Avetti» use the software 3cad Evolution

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The products of the brand “AVETTI” received an additional advantage in the eyes of wholesale and retail buyers. From now on, designers-consultants will use a unique product to design a kitchen, that is the friendly and functional software of InnovaItalia 3cadEvolution. This program allows you to integrate all the processes together, from the realistic design of the future kitchen for the customer up to the order of the components in the factory. This efficient solution helps to accelerate the manufacturing process of the order and make it as more comfortable as possible for everyone involved.

Kitchen furniture of the premium brand «AVETTI» can satisfy the most demanding customer. Top quality, a huge selection of materials and components and a variety of colors make it possible not to limit the imagination of the customer and create the perfect kitchen of his dreams.

The distinguishing sign of the kitchens «AVETTI» ( is the unity of state-of-the-art technologies and innovative design solutions. The doors of Italian production by the leaders in the world of fashion furniture in classic or modern style perfectly fit into small or large kitchens. The undeniable advantage of these kitchens is the attention to details. When designing a kitchen designers-consultants of the «AVETTI» points of sale take into account every detail: the lights position, the impact of colours, the position of mechanisms, ergonomics, user friendliness of front fittings and other factors.

The kitchens of the Avetti brand practically present an unlimited choice of doors: ash, acacia or oak veneer, in plastic, enamel-coated, MDF and many others.


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