InnovaItalia and 3cadEvolution has landed in Belarus thanks to Yavid

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Yavid kitchen

YAVID is a dynamic manufacturer and an innovative leader in Belarus. It produces modern, prestigious and high quality furniture, popular both in domestic and foreign markets. The continuous improvement of the technological process led Yavid to be the first in adopting 3cadEvolution in the Belorussian market.

The modernization of technology and the large-scale investment program enabled the manufacturer Yavid to create a new generation of products. As per tradition, the factory is specialized in the production of quality wood furniture. The main production areas are: furniture for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, offices and bookcases, halls, tables and chairs.

With the introduction of 3cad Evolution software in the company, the manufacturer has at its disposal a versatile and powerful tool that allows him to manage in an integrated manner the entire process that goes from the order in the store, to the production in the factory, up to the delivery to the end customer. All in one platform.

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